Sunday, March 04, 2012

8 weeks out!

hey guys,
Here is lil update!! I am still pushing along. Over the last few weeks i had a lil trouble and got in and outa a rut- alot if us go through this i think?! Ugh its just HARD and no one understands how hard it is unless they themselves have done it and struggled through it! Its hard being hungry ALL the damn time. It was fine at first and fun, but now every other day i'm thinkin like WHYYYY am i doing this?!!!

It really is hard DOWNSIZING! Logically you'd think it'd be as easy as eat less protein, dont lift heavy weights and you will lose muscle.....well i've def lost some but i'm still bigger than i'd like to be, but all i can do is just keep working at it! Its not easy!! My cardio has now doubled in attempt to get me down more and just plain sux to be doing a ton of cardio!!! I've had a crankie week and anything xtra that i have to do on top of my workouts and cardio feels like such a task!! People dont realize that i'm hungry and already worked out 2x today before they prob even got up. GRRR thats my rant lol

Here is couple pics of me from cpl days ago!! My shape is there and now its time to really lean up!! (thats just a practice suit fyi not my suit ill wear!)

Less than 8 weeks now- gon keep tryin to bring size down while getting leaner but not getting too lean! ahhh So complicated!!