Sunday, February 26, 2012

my thoughts on the first pro physique show

hey guys,
Everyone involved in the sport has an opinion on the new WP class and it was the first PRO show tht was held tonite- that kinda set the standard for pro physique. First let me say i think EVERY one of the girls looked amazing and i applaud them all for being the hot and fit ladies that they are! I have to say i am disappointed in the way they are judging it and find it very discouraging for MYSELF as someone who wants to do physique. I think the way they judged it is SO close to figure, and IMO TOO CLOSE! To me, it looks about 5-10% leaner and maybe just tad bigger than pro figure. BUT what i dont understand what the point of another division so close to figure is??!! The gap btwn pro figure and pro bb is SO HUGE, that i dont know why pro physique couln't be more in the MIDDLE of the 2 and not so close to figure. After watching the video and pics the girls in the second call out to me is what i would have liked to see be the first call outs and them be the top 4!!

Despite not lifting weights for about a year and a half, doing lots of cardio, lots of cirvuits and plyos, and eating small TINY lil meals- i dont think i will EVER be able to get my size down enough to 'fit' in well with pro physique!!! ONLY Maybe if i was in the hospital!!? LOL!!! That being said, i know that i still wana do it and still wana try to get DOWN in size and weight as much as i can and get in best shape that i can and just bring the best that i can. I DONT wana do bb nemore and i WANT to fit into the new category.....but i just dont know that i will??!!!

GOTTA keep pushing and try not to get discouraged!!



Saturday, February 11, 2012

11 weeks out!

Hey guys,
Few been asking for me to do a lil blog update like the old times so i thought i may as well!! Things have been going good with me.....just been working hard, training hard and trying to fit everything in that i need to. I am pretty happy with how things are coming along!! Its really a differnt journey for me as i am training and eating different with the hopes of a different but BETTER physique at the end of it all. I can say that i am in better shape at 11 weeks out than i think i ever was 11 weeks out with bodybuilding. I am leaner and am changing quiker at this point than i did in the past. But its a better leaner too, as my physique is smaller now and is really looking less 'bulky' to me than it had been. I kept getting worried that i was just going to still look too much like a bodybuilder but i am seeing the trasformation and i am quite happy with how its coming along. Will i be small as most the girls?! Prob most def not, but i dont want to get too small!!!!!!! i just want to keep going on the track that i am going and see where that takes me. I figure i will hopefully be around 115lbs. ??

Im still doing just 3 full body workouts a week for training- then i do my 2x cardio workouts as well (more on the days i dont train) 6 days per week. My cardio isn't a TON right now tho so thats nice :) i'm responding well so havent had to go to the cardio extreme! But hey, it may go there!!! :)

One big thing i am finding is that my waist i think is the smallest it has ever been, esp for having so much time left! :) its 26inches now!

I am almost all ready for the trip to ORLANDO! House rental is booked and flights are BOOKED!! yah!! I am so happy that some of my bestest friends and favourite people are ALL coming with me!! We're spending a week there :) i am so excited to go and be surrounded with people i love. All i have left to do really is put my official contract in for the show and book my tanning appts and etc for there.

AND, I am PRETTY sure that i am am going to go onto to do the TORONTO PRO SHOW after the Europa show- it is june 2nd, so about 5 weeks later. It is the only pro show in Canada and one of my best friends lives in Toronto and alot of people i know are going and some pros i know too are competing in this show, so i def think i want to and will do it!! :)

Well not too much else new, me and my sister had a fun day at the tattoo parlor!! i got a new tattoo today, that covered an old sun tattoo i had gotten when i was 15!!!! :O. And also got a new earring- its fun?! I got a paw bc it represents the animals in my life and the paw prints they leave on my heart. <3

I look forward all weeek to having a yummmieee cheat meal- this week i was in Cold Stone creamery heaven!!!! OH yaaaa, cake and ice cream inside a chocolate shell!

Oh ya, and for somthing to just keep me occupied i decided to try out a lil will prob never turn out nice enough for me to wear it but i'm gona work away at stoning it?!!!! i got a BEAUTIFUL suit from TMARIE suits that i will be wearing in orlando....but ya never know maybe this project will turn out and i may wear it in toronto?!! LOL doubted, i need it to be perfect!

Train hard, stay focused, and remember dreams come true for those who work hard!

Well hope u all have a nice week!
I will check bk in again soon,

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~ Cindy~